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Beauty Fix: Pregnancy skin conditions

Glowing, gorgeous skin–not so much? For many of us, pregnancy can bring on a host of skin conditions, including acne and hyperpigmentation.


“With hormonal changes, some people get a lot of acne,” says Nilla Petta, owner of Toronto’s Sunny Mummy Spa and Boutique in Toronto, which specializes in pre-natal and post-natal treatments. “Some clients will get pregnancy mask, which is discolouration. We can do an Aveda brightening treatment to help diminish that.”


Another issue that seems to plague new moms: “Some people with hypertension or excess fluid get a lot of water retention in the face and a lot of heat,” says Petta. “We can help bring down that heat, and with a facial massage we can reduce a lot of that water retention.”


While some moms suffer from water retention, and others from excess oil causing skin to become acneic, others yet suffer from dehydration. “Hydrating is very important,” says Petta. “Skin can become very dry, so it’s very important to keep hydrated inside and out. A good moisturizer is essential.”


Still, for moms to be, what you put on your body can be as much cause for concern as what you put in it. Petta is careful to work with products and treatments that are safe in pregnancy. “We can do these treatments while customers are pregnant; we have the right products for it, and we have the right people for it.” When booking a spa treatment, be sure to mention if you’re expecting so spa staff can prepare and make appropriate recommendations. Then sit back and enjoy–you deserve it.


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