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5 Tips for Red Carpet-Worthy Skin

When the Oscars roll out the red carpet later this month, it’s not just the outfits we’ll be eyeing with envy, but also the gorgeous hair, bodies and skin. But stars’ aren’t immune to skin issues—they just have the right teams and products to prep them for game day.


Nestled in the Park Hyatt Toronto—host to many a Toronto International Film Festival happening over the years—Stillwater Spa has seen its share of the celebrity set when they touchdown for the annual event. So what do stars like Madonna and Olivia Wilde do to prep for their red carpet appearances when in town? We asked Stillwater Spa’s lead aesthetician, Luana Grigore, about the top 5 skin issues women face and the best fixes to turn to when getting paparazzi-ready.


1. Dull, Flakey Skin

To get that gorgeous red carpet glow, Grigore recommends a glycolic peel. “The combination of chemical acids and vitamins used during our facial help reduce the appearance of fine lines and leave skin smooth and soft,” says Grigore. She recommends upkeeping with Skinceuticals Retexturing Activator and A.G.E. Interrupter cream for long-lasting radiant skin.


2. Blemishes
Those pesky foes always have a habit of turning up last-minute. In a pinch, Grigore recommends products and treatments like Dermalogica’s mediBac, which features a combination of salicylic acids and botanical enzymes to purify and clear the skin. “Dermalogica Spot Treatment will help your skin look amazing the day after use.”


3. Wrinkles & Fine Lines
Dehydration often leads to puckered skin, so it makes sense that the key to many an anti-aging treatment is restoring hydration. To help with this, Grigore recommends the spa’s moisturizing Pearl Perfection treatment, which features the Babor SeaCreation line. “Pearl proteins and sea silk literally reverse the aging process.”


4. Redness
All that jetting around can really irritate the skin. To reduce redness, Grigore recommends Dermalogica’s UltraCalming kit. “It contains everything you need to start controlling sensitized skin, redness or itching, with the help of potent combinations of botanical extract.”


5. Uneven Skin Tone
Nothing screams “Makeover!” more than uneven skin tone, and sometimes even makeup can’t mask those grey areas. To get that cover-worthy complexion, Grigore recommends a brightening treatment like Dermalogica’s ChromaWhite, which features Oligopeptide-34, a powerful non-hydroquinone brightening agent, and Palmaria Palmata Extract, a red algae extract and antioxidant that helps control skin pigmentation. “It improves skin tone by removing dulling surface cells and maximizing the absorption of brightening treatments.”


Photo: Jordan Strauss/WireImage/Getty Images



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