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Beauty Insider: Catherine Lebesis, Body and Soul Med and Day Spa


Catherine Lebesis, Owner, Body and Soul Med and Day Spa, Mississauga


What’s your specialty?


Facials and anti-age skin care.


How did you get into aesthetics?


I was 19 and I went to a spa–my first experience–and I just fell in love with the smells, sounds.


What do you love about aesthetics?


That I can make people happy and look great. That I can see the transformation, and reverse the aging process.


How has the service you provide changed over the years?


Technology is more prevalent in spas. Before, I didn’t think of anti-age, but now I’m aging with my clients. When I was young, I thought about skin care in terms of prevention; now it’s about reversing.


What are you most excited about now?


Dermaroller and Vital Collagen Induction. It’s a roller with fine needles that make tiny little holes in the skin to infuse it with moisture, vitamins and anti-oxidants. It forces skin to regenerate, renew.


What inspires you?


Making women feel good, giving them confidence.


What’s your beauty must-have?


A great eye cream.


What should every woman know when it comes to looking after their skin?


They shouldn’t look at facials as a luxury. It should be a necessity, like cutting your hair, trimming your nails. A must.



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