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Beauty Counter: All-In-One Cleanser


For a skin care devotee, we sure are lazy. Maybe that’s why we love facials so much–getting someone else to clean our face means we don’t have to. No matter how many models and celebrities count washing their face at night as the secret to their great skin, it’s still a struggle every night. Til now.


Still, when we first read about the new Reversa Cleansing Micellar Solution, which promised to remove makeup and deeply cleanse with a one-step, no-rinse gentle formula, we were skeptical. Fortunately for our bedtime routine, we were so wrong.


The mild formula features soothing lotus root vegetal water, which brings essential nutriments to the skin and contributes to skin protection through its antioxidant potential, while allantoin prevents irritation and glycerin leaves skin soft and hydrated. What’s left out: Parabens, fragrance, oil and alcohol.


After only our first try, we were surprised at what a fast, effective cleanser it was. Not only that, but the no-rinse formula left our skin feeling fresh and hydrated, without any of the grimy residue we expected. Unlike so many cleansers, which leave our eye makeup behind, the made-in-Canada cleanser left no trace of raccoon eyes, and didn’t upset our sensitive eyes. The hand pump also ensures that our cleanser stays clean.


So we’re saying bye-bye to that mismatched eye makeup remover and face cleanser (and hello to money and time saving). We’re skipping a step, coming out cleaner than ever, and hitting the sack earlier. How’s that for beauty sleep.


$23/300 mL; available in May/June at most Canadian drugstores,  www.reversa.ca



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