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Spotted: Easy, breezy Hamptons chic at DKNY

We love this fresh, youthful look that’s together enough for the office, yet plenty carefree for the beach–with the right accessories, it can take you from power lunch to rooftop soiree.


Even more, though, we love how easy it is to recreate this style. Eugene Souleiman, Wella Professionals Global Creative Director, Care and Styling, who created the look for DKNY’s spring/summer 2012 showing, shares how to get the look:


-Start with freshly washed and conditioned hair.


-Roughly blowdry hair to give it volume and texture.


-Spritz a texturizing spray such as Wella Ocean Spritz onto dry hair and twist it into a low ponytail, winding hair back on itself, ending up with a bun. Pin into place.


-Dry hair thoroughly with a diffuser, then switch the temperature to “cool” to set the hair.


-Remove pins, unwind hair, then using fingers, work through to add texture and break up the waves.


Backstage secret: Souleiman made the hair lighter on top, darker underneath to give it that sun-kissed look. You can cheat by clipping in darker hair extensions to the underside of hair.


Photo: Courtesy Wella Professionals 


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