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The One Product Women Can’t Live Without?

Turns out it’s deodorant!


That’s what NIVEA Canada found out when they commissioned their Skin-dex survey, conducted by Leger Marketing. The national survey polled more than 1,500 Canadians aged 18 and older on their skin care attitudes, habits and routines.


When asked which was the one skin care product they couldn’t live without, 22% of Canadians surveyed said deodorant/antiperspirant, compared with 21% who said bar soap and face moisturizer (12%).


And yet, dry skin was the leading complaint for Canadians, with 19% citing it as their number one skin concern. Wrinkles, loss of elasticity/firmness, stretch marks and cellulite also topped the list for women. Sadly, only one in 15 women would say they have no complaints about their skin. (Compared with one in 4 men.)


The report also found that, on average, women use 3.4 skin care products on a daily basis. (We’re ashamed–or a little proud?–to admit, we use waaaaaaaaaaaay more than than.) Men averaged only 1.5 skin care products daily.


Women respondents also admitted to spending an average of 16 minutes per day caring for their skin, compared with 10.5 minutes per day for men. Interestingly, the time Canadians spend taking care of their skin declines with age–who woulda thunk it? We bet the time crunch that comes with having kids has something to do with it.


Surprisingly, only 30% of Canadians changed their skin care products or routine depending on the season. Also surprising: 43% women use the same moisturizer for all their skin care needs!


So what’s the real conclusion to come out of all this? That we are seriously high maintenance, by national standards. How about you?


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