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Beauty Counter: Vichy Normaderm Total Mat Hydrating Gel

Usually, when you hear the phrase “What are you wearing?” it’s a red carpet reporter addressing a designer-clad starlet on the red carpet, not one envious friend asking another for her latest beauty secret. But catching up with one of our dear product test drivers recently, we couldn’t take our eyes off her skin. Our roving gaze marvelled at how clear her complexion looked, squinting to detect pores that seemed miraculously veiled. Puzzled, we finally blurted out, “Your skin looks amazing! What are you doing?” Her answer: Vichy Normaderm Total Mat Oil and Shine Control Fresh Hydrating Gel.


As it turns out, Vichy Normaderm Total Mat neutralizes all causes of shine, including sebum and perspiration. Micro-powders absorb excess sebum, while perlite, an active ingredient of volcanic origin, sops up perspiration. The non-sticky, non-greasy gel-like moisturizer includes soothing, fortifying and regenerating Vichy thermal spa water and glycerine for 24-hour hydration. Safe for sensitive skin and paraben-free, Vichy Normaderm Total Mat also features salicylic acid, an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory active ingredient that gently exfoliates, for more even skin tone.


When we pressed our test driver a little further, she gushed over her new summer staple. Calling it “refreshing,” she told us she was “officially hooked.” Not only did the lightweight moisturizer leave her complexion looking and feeling soft, smooth, flawless and clean all day, she said, but it also hydrated skin without creating shine. She also loved the long-lasting effects of the moisturizer, which managed to ward off oiliness throughout the day and evening, perfect for those long hot summer day-to-nights. Now we’re wishing we hadn’t given it away.


$27.95; available at drugstores.


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