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Lauren Conrad’s Favorite Self Tanner (AKA Are You Listening, Snooki?)


Covet a California girl tan but not the age spots that come with? Then you’ve gotta try Kate Somerville’s self-tan towelettes. The skin care guru is a celebrity favourite—Jessica Alba and Rashida Jones are fans—and her self-tanner has become our beach vacation go-to. (Lauren Conrad even featured it on her blog.)

While other self-tanners can leave you with a dreaded Snooki tint, Kate Somerville’s Somerville360° Body Tanning Towelettes and Face Self Tanning Pads turn us into a just-right bronzed beauty within hours, minus the health risks. A built-in exfoliator prevents streaking, while peptides smooth skin, tea tree extracts help keep your complexion clear, and cucumber freshens. Plus it’s paraben-free.


California, here we come.


Kate Somerville’s Somerville360° Body Tanning Towelettes, $48 for an 8-pack, and Face Self Tanning Pads, $45 (12 pads); available at Sephora


Text: Kate Murphy



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