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Beauty Crush: Pink Hair


Ever since Kelly Clarkson wannabe Jordan Meredith charmed us on Duets, we’ve been coveting her pink do. And seems like we’re not the only ones.


Pink, who’s set to release a new album–The Truth About Love–soon, is back to the shade that made her famous. Nicole Richie recently debuted her pretty in pink tips, and Jessie J and Demi Lovato have also been spotted sporting the look. (The new ombre?)


Of course, there is always Katy Perry, who’s tried it all. (Wonder if there are any colours left in the rainbow.) But now that Jersey Shore‘s Jwoww and infamous YouTube star Rebecca Black are wearing the look, surely the end is near. (Or maybe it’ll just turn peachy? Witness Cougar Town‘s Busy Philipps‘ new tips, posted on Twitter. Love her.)


Perhaps it started with Kelly Osbourne’s sophisticated lavender locks, or the queen of effortless cool, Gwen Stefani, who’s been rocking it since way back–can’t wait for the new No Doubt!–but we love the edge of hot pink mixed with dip-dyed tips. What do you think? Share your thoughts here!


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