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Best Celebrity Short Hair Styles

If summer’s heat wave has you thinking about lopping it all off, you’re not alone. But even red carpet beauties Anne Hathaway and Charlize Theron can’t pull off the wrong cut. (Both have shorn their glossy locks for upcoming roles in Les Miserables and Mad Max: Fury Road, respectively.) Renee Sarich of AXIS Hair Salons in Vancouver takes us through which looks are best for who.


The Pixie: Michelle Williams, Evan Rachel Wood

“Pixie cuts are for women with the confidence to wear short hair,” says Sarich. “Oval and round face shapes have it the easiest but pretty much any face shape can wear a pixie.  It’s the way it’s cut that counts. Face shape will determine whether you wear the top longer than the sides, or the bangs longer or shorter.”


When styling, Sarich recommends using a small paddle brush to guide the hair while blow drying in different directions. “This will train out any stubborn cowlicks.  Pre-blow dry, work with a light-hold styling cream, spray or foam to encourage hair to behave.”


Get the look: Go soft and textured like Williams for day, and try a more sculpted coif a la Woods for evening flair.


The Bob: Keira Knightly, Cameron Diaz

As with most hairstyles, Sarich says, “It’s all about the hair type and the way the hair is cut to frame the face and create balance. Slim builds look great with blunt, angular bobs and no bangs, while others are best off working with layers to create volume and balance.” The key, she says, is working with hair texture and face shape: “The longer the face, the more fringe you’ll want. The longer the neck, the longer the bob.”


When it comes to colour, Sarich warns against mixing too many tones. ”Highlights in short hair can create unwanted animal-like prints in the back of the head. I recommend keeping colour monochromatic as the hair gets shorter. If you really want to work with multiple levels of colour on short hair, keep it very conservative and more towards the face.  Subtle is key if you want more than one tone on anything shorter than a bob.”


Get the look: For easy wearability, try a traditional bob like Cameron Diaz. Keira Knightley’s asymmetrical lines add edge and look great wavy or straight.


The Lob: Emily Blunt, Scarlett Johansson
“Women who are overly attached to length because they believe that long hair is the only sexy way to wear their hair should not cut it shorter than their shoulders,” says Sarich. Instead, stick to shoulder lengths like the lob, popularized by Jennifer Aniston.


“The great thing about short hair is you can work without heat and just air dry and style with a great product and the styling tools you were born with–your fingers!” says Sarich. She recommends choosing a texturizing cream or paste according to your hair texture. “For fine hair, I recommend a product like AXIS Trash. It’s a lightweight whipped texturizing cream that provides soft hold and a bit of grit. For medium to thick hair types, I suggest a paste that will control the hair, such as AXIS Karamel. If your hair is thick and stubborn, a stronger, dryer paste like AXIS Puttee to detail with after blow drying is best.”


Get the look: Blunt’s blunt cut has a sophisticated appeal, while Johansson’s textured tresses (top) add fun and flirty flair to evening ensembles.

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Text: Antonette Grant

Photo: Getty Images



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