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5 Tips For Combatting Oily Skin This Summer

We love the look of dewy skin, but in summer, the look is a hot day away from an oil slick. If you find yourself photoshopping the shine from your Facebook pics, it might be time for an oil check. Here are 5 ways you can dial down the shine this summer.


1. Drink lots of water. A natural detoxifier, water dissolves and removes impurities that would otherwise clog pores, increasing oil production. Aim for 8 to 10 glasses a day.


2. Don’t overwash. While it may seem that washing your face can help keep it clear of oil, too much can cause your body to produce even more to keep skin moisturized. Look for a mild cleanser (your skin shouldn’t feel tight afterward) and wash twice a day, max.


3. Exfoliate with caution. Like overwashing, exfoliating can cause the body to produce more oil to protect skin. Skip the abrasive exfoliants, and don’t exfoliate too often (no more than twice a week).


4. Leave alcohol to happy hour. Toners are a great way to tone skin and shrink pores, but alcohol-based toners can strip skin of natural oils. Shop for toners that are low in alcohol or alcohol-free.


5. Lighten up. If you haven’t switched your winter moisturizer for a summer brand, you’re way behind, girlfriend! Winter moisturizers are heavier and often oil-based to protect your skin from cooler temperatures. Look for lightweight, mattifying hydrators (preferably with SPF) for a cool-as-cucumber finish.


Text: Antonette Grant

Photo: iStockphoto


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