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3 Tips for Fighting Cellulite

What’s the secret behind Jennifer Lopez’s lump-free silhouette? We’re sure that a gruelling workout and diet regimen have something to do with the covetable figure of the former American Idol judge and face of Gillette’s Venus. After all, even celebrities are vulnerable to this swimsuit foe.


According to Marlene Pinette of Spa Eastman Montreal, cellulite affects 90% of women, and is not necessarily related to weight. Rather, according to Pinette, a combination of excess fat and water, poor circulation and age are to blame for the orange peel effect that can affect the thighs, buttocks and stomach. Stop the spread of cellulite with these key tips:


1. Pass the salt. When it comes to diet, watch out for foods that include enriched carbs, saturated fats and salt as they retain water, slowing circulation and increasing the chances of developing cellulite. Instead, replace them with detoxifying fruits, veggies and fibre, which  will support healthy circulation. Essential fatty acids are also important in maintaining healthy cells.


2. Get moving. Do like JLo and get thee to a gym. Cardio exercise combined with weight training helps improve overall circulation and can reduce fatty lumps.


3. Seek help. Many cellulite creams include caffeine to flush out excess fluid, as well as firming and tightening agents. Massage can also help improve circulation. At Spa Eastman Montreal, the Decleor anti-cellulite treatment includes a local massage using essential oils to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Pintette says the series of six treatments, experienced twice a week, can help improve circulation, refine body shape and smooth skin. Combine any treatment with exercise and diet for best results.


Text: Madison Oliver


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