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Beauty Counter: Neon Tips

Around this time of year, we always get in a panic, anxious to squeeze every last drop out of summer–and that goes for our beauty regimen too.


So before fall’s ominous shades hit town–metallics and aubergines, we’re looking at you–we’re indulging in the brightest, happiest colours we can find. And thanks to OPI’s new Outrageous Neons mini pack, that’s easy as pie.


First up, Ridiculously Yellow, which scores us points (and plenty of compliments) for originality. We also love the hot-hot Formidably Orange and bumblegum tint of Riotously Pink. Just layer the white base, two coats of colour and the top coat and you’re as good as ’80s.


Best of all, though, is the miniature size of each shade. Not only super cute (baby polish!), but also totally totable and handy for on-the-go touch-ups. Loves!


$24.95 per mini pack; available at professional salons and spas,


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