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Beauty Crush: Miley Cyrus’ Cropped Hair

Miley Cyrus went on a picture-tweeting rampage recently, but instead of posting the racy pictures we’re used to seeing from the ex-Disney star, she showed off her brand new haircut(s). While her punky new pixie do captured the most attention, it’s the sophisticated bob she sported briefly before that caught our eye.


We love: The sophisticated, grown-up style created by Miley’s hairstylist, Chris McMillan, who also happens to be Jennifer Aniston’s go-to and the creator behind the Rachel, Jen’s famous hairstyle circa early Friends. We also dig how the sleek bob is a stylish, modern foil to the extension-laden Barbie dos prevailing on reality TV and in Tinseltown. (Lindsay Lohan and Real Housewives, we’re looking at you.)


Get the look: While you can’t go wrong with this look, which suits every face shape and age, shorter bobs are easier to style and manage in the final weeks of a hot, humid summer. Go straight or go curly; this cut ensures polish either way.


What do you think? Hot or not? Sound off here.


Text: Kate Murphy


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