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Kate Middleton’s Anti-Aging Secret

They may have it all, but even royal beauties are not immune to frown lines. So what do they do in a pinch? Kate Middleton is said to get $250 bee venom facials at Deborah Mitchell’s London clinic thanks to the recommendation of step-mum-in-law Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.


So what’s that about? Often referred to as natural Botox, bee venom tricks skin into thinking it’s been stung by a bee. As a result, skin releases collagen and elastin to combat the sting, which in turn plumps skin, reducing lines and wrinkles. Easy as 1, 2, 3.


But if a jaunt to London is out of the question, DIYers can also find bee venom masks to try at home. In Canada, BC-based Wedderspoon Organics produces an anti-aging bee venom mask, Queen of the Hive Bee Venom Mask, while Kate uses Heaven by Deborah Mitchell Bee Venom Mask. The organic mask includes manuka honey, shea butter, rose and lavender oils, but no parabens, sulfates, or petroleum. PETA supporters will also be happy to know that no bees are harmed in the venom extraction process. (Those with bee allergies should steer clear, however.) Gives new meaning to the phrase buzz-worthy, no?


Heaven by Deborah Mitchell Bee Venom Mask, £65.00; www.heavenskincare.com.


Wedderspoon Organics Queen of the Hive Bee Venom Mask, $72.99; www.wedderspoon.


Text: Kate Murphy


Photo: Aisle Dash


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