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Beauty Crush: Charlize Theron’s Textured Pixie Cut


Charlize Theron showed up to the GLAAD Media Awards this weekend rocking an edgy pixie cut textured with short twists. She shaved her head bald for the up coming Mad Max movie and we’re happy she hasn’t turned to hair extensions–we love when Hollywood’s leading ladies go short. If you’re thinking of getting a pixie, this no fuss hairstyle looks better messy and takes only minutes to achieve.

We love: Girls who chop off their luscious locks and go short. There isn’t a better time to cut your hair than summertime — you don’t have to worry about frizz and it acts as your own personal air conditioner. Short hair requires little maintenance, and the dirtier it is the better it styles. Charlize’s hair looks great because it’s not perfect– it’s asymmetrical and messy. If your makeup is dramatic, it balances the casual haircut to create a perfect beauty statement.

Get the look: For starters if you have long hair you obviously have to chop it off, and we say go for it! A woman should wear her hair short at least once in her life. If you already have short hair you can choose to use freshly washed and dried hair or a few days unwashed hair. We recommend using a wax styling product over a gel– gels tend to harden and can flake, making it look like you have dandruff, whereas waxes offer a more natural looking hold and don’t get ruined overnight while sleeping, allowing you to get a couple days use out of the look. We love Bumble and bumble’s Styling Wax ($23)– it has great hold, adds shine and smells amazing. To get the look, heat up some Styling Wax in your hands (or use your blow drier), then twist the wax through pieces of your hair. The trick is to not over-style it. It won’t look perfect and it’s not supposed to.

How do you style your short hair for the summer? Which short-haired celebrity has the best haircut? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Text: Kate Murphy

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One thought on “Beauty Crush: Charlize Theron’s Textured Pixie Cut

  1. Cutting my hair short was the best decision i ever made. I don’t have to style it, just wash and go. Definitely love Charlize with short hair.


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