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Beauty Comeback: Hair Gel

You’re probably thinking how could hair gel be the next big thing in hair product? I mean last time I used hair gel was in my elementary school days when I used it to try and tame my curls.


But yes! Hair gel is back and better than ever, it can be used in so many different ways like adding volume to your hair or giving your style hold so it lasts all day.



Here are different ways that hair gel can help you achieve these hot and trending looks for spring/summer:



The effortless/toussled just came out of the water pushed back look:







If you’re going for a fresh laid-back look this is the way to go. Just get a bit of gel on your fingers and run it through your hair from roots downward (using your fingers as a comb), and then secure with a ponytail or bun. Finish the look off with fresh, dewy makeup to compliment the hairstyle and you’re good to go!




Sleek finish:






Want that chic and polished finish look to your ponytail? Well use a bit of hair gel to tame any flyaways, brush it through your hair, and again just secure with a low ponytail or bun.



Add bit of a texture to your ponytail by just adding the hair gel to the top of you hair, and leaving the tail of the ponytail fluffy and natural.



Slicked back hair:



2015 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals gigi-hadid-2015-sports-illustrated-hair-2-w540



This is one that you probably have seen on various celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.


You can achieve this look with either wavy or straight hair. First get a small amount of gel or texturizing wax, then use your hands to smooth the hair at the top of the head. Get a comb and brush your hair away from your face.


To create some volume at the top, use your fingers to gently massage your scalp. Then use your hands to gently push the hair forward.


Add a bit of hairspray and you’ve got the sexy slicked back look.





For hair gel less is always more! So start with small amounts and work from there when re-creating any of these looks.



And remember not all hair gels and waxes are created equal so test a few out and see which one works wonders with you hair type.

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