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Calvin Klein’s Summer Scents

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Calvin Klein’s ETERNITY Summer is a really subtle summer scent that is perfect if you’re looking for something that is understated and cool. Notes of palm tree accord and heart blossoms with exotic frangipani mix for a florally smell but musky notes dry it down making it warmer as opposed to super sweet. The bottle mimics a beautiful summer night sunset with soft blue, green, and violet colours. It’s a calm and resfreshing scent for those sunny summer days. $98/100ml – Hudson’s Bay, Shoppers Drug mart, Sears, London Drugs.

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ETERNITY Summer Men is the complimentary scent to the women’s fragrance. It’s similar in the sense that it’s fresh, light, and confident. Crisp cilantro add a burst of freshness and a tropical feel, while salty accord and the essence of ocean air add an easy, breezy vibrancy. Soft cedarwood at the base adds a masculine touch. $89/100ml – Hudson’s Bay, Shoppers Drug Mart, Sears, London Drugs.

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OBSESSION Summer is a luminous and sensual scent. Waves of intoxicating florals and exotic woods, bergamot and white patchouli combine for a warm fragrance that pairs well with the summer heat. The ocean blue bottle will tempt you to dive right in on this sexy scent. $98/100ml exclusively at Hudson’s Bay.

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CK One Summer is a rebellious unisex fragrance that leans more to the cologne side, so it’s perfect if you’re into heavier, sexier scents. While it may be stronger than your average perfume it’s refreshing at the same time. Fruity notes of lime mojito, juicy guava, exotic freshness mix with cool cedarwood and make it so it’s not overpoweringly sweet. The scent was inspired by the smells of the jungle and the bottle reflects that — lush, exotic palm trees create the illusion of looking deep into the jungle. This is the perfect scent for those hot and sexy humid summer nights. $74/100ml – Hudson’s Bay, Shoppers Drug Mart, London Drugs.


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