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Editor Obsession: Sephora Collection Confetti Sponges


Everyone knows and loves the OG Beauty Blender but with contouring and highlighting becoming huge makeup trends a little bit more precision is a must. An oversized sponge is great when you’re blending on the larger surfaces of your face – cheeks, forehead, neck – but it’s less effective when using under eye concealer or around your lips. Sephora has created a collection of 5 mini sponges that are perfect for blending even the smallest corners of your face.


Just like other sponges these ones work best when wet. The sponges can be used to blend in liquids, creams, and mineral pigments. My personal favourite thing to do with these small sponges is to use them to set my under eye concealer with setting powder. It allows me to really get into the corners of my eyes to ensure that my concealer won’t crease. They’re also the perfect size if you want to add a little bit of highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes.


The sponges are also the perfect size for your purse for any on-the-go touch ups. They feel really luxe and soft when they’re wet. You can tell that your makeup is going on your face and not getting absorbed by the sponge. This means you’re using and wasting less product and saving money in the end.


$15 at Sephora stores and sephora.ca.

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